September 23, 2010

A Beautiful Morning On Bluebird Farm This Morning!

Whenever we go into the fall season, I always worry because in some years past the leaves on the trees just turn brown, die and then fall to the ground. Did I mention how much I hate RAKING (sorry, I digress). Since Bluebird Farm is at a higher attitude, we usually get a sneak peak of what the fall colors will be throughout the Roanoke Valley. Every year the colors start to pop early up the hill on my back pasture tree line. So I noticed some color this morning and went and got my camera and walked to the back pastures. There were brilliant colors popping all along the back tree line. All of you trail riders out there can look forward to an amazing colorful fall. This is my prediction: we are going to have one of the most colorful fall seasons ever! I think it is because of all the snow we had last winter and then we had a good amount of rain throughout the summer (with the exception of the last couple of weeks). Dust off those saddles, pack your saddle bags, get the farrior out to your barn for new shoes, load up those horses and hit the trails! We are all going to have an amazing autumn. Happy trails!      Lexi and Christina

(photos taken on 9-23-2010 by Christina Lee)

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