September 18, 2010

PawPaws - Yummy!!!

Every Saturday I run down to the Salem Farmer's Market to pick up locally grown produce and PawPaws. What are Paw Paws? They are a wholesome homemade treats for my three beautiful angels. They love the sweet potatoe PawPaws the best so every Saturday I run and get them a bag. If you look at the top right photo this is my three pups waiting in anticipation for their PawPaws treat. The photo on the left (if you look really close at the pink blur below Tallulah's nose) I blew the photo up so you can see Tallulah licking her chops after her PawPaws treat. The bottom right photo is the PawPaws vender at the Salem Farmer's Market this morning. They even gave me a punch card so when I get to 10 punches I get a free bag of PawPaws (I'm up to four punches already).

Tallulah after another PawPaws Sweet Potatoe Treat!

The other flavors PawPaws carries are Chicken Broth and  Bacon, Peanut Butter, Green Bean, Combo Packs, Beef Broth and Rice, Chicken Broth and Rice and Sweet Potatoe. You can order your treats by calling 540-589-4911 or email PawPaws at They will have a website coming soon.

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