September 30, 2010

Some Farms Are Just So Beautiful - Overlook Farm Purceville VA

(Double Click on each photo to enlarge to full size)

I had only 15 minutes this weekend to shoot some photos of Overlook Farm in Purcellville Va. This is my BFF's farm and as you can see these are some of the inhabitants of Overlook Farm. The cute little girl in the photo is Casey Jones who can ride like a true cowgirl. The dog in the photos is Jake. Jake helps round up and rotate the horses from field to field. Overlook Farm will be on this year's Farm Tour 2010. If you have never been to Purcellville, it is the land of McMansions in every direction (beautiful horse farms for the rich) but the town itself has a small town feel even though it is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Washington DC Metro Area. We had breakfast in the little diner in downtown Purcellville. I felt like I was back in Nebraska as a child when we always ate at the little diners with all the farmers hanging out and drinking coffee. This was exactly the same. All the old farmers in town hanging out and the waitresses at this diner have been working there for over 30 years. Great food and great time with my BFF Terri Jones. If any of you have friends in Northern Virginia that are looking for a state of the art equestrian training facility check out Overlook Farm.

Click on the link below for more info on The Overlook Farm:

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