May 5, 2011

The Roanoke Pet Expo and Those Cute Geese!

Chris and I spent the afternoon setting up our double booth for the Pet Expo that starts tomorrow here in Roanoke. This is the first Pet Expo that we have ever participated in so it was fun planning everything. I had some of my favorite photos but a stetch canvas for display and I think they tured out great. We also ordered some cool promotional postcards at Got Print and bookmarks with The World According To Lexi (with a photo of Lexi and Tallulah) printed on them to hand out to the public. We are promoting four of the local websites we design and manage.  I think the booth turned out really nice but now my front porch is empty because I stole everything off my porch to put in our booth.
I put together lots of dog, cat and horse prize packs so folks can stop by and just drop thier name in the bucket for a chance to win cool prizes.
These are some of my favorite photos that I had printed on stretched canvas. So pretty!
The saddle is my Western Pleasue Show Saddle that I used to compete in (me and my horse Skippy have retired from showing). I have Nitro's crate all set up and realy to go. He will be with me at the Expo doing demonstrations with Field of Dreams Dog Training Center and I found out tonight we might be judging the cute pet/trick contests. I will take my video camera and film as much as I can. Stay tuned...

Below are some photos I got on the way home from the Pet Expo. Those little goslings are growing so fast I thought I better stop and get a few shots of thier progress. I was lucky enough to gets some pictures of them entering the Miller's pond and some even better shots of the goslings glowing in the evening sun. I hope you enjoy the photos.
 Such and amazing evening....

 See, they are getting big!

 Here they are starting to enter the ray of light from the sun setting on Bluebird Lane.

 Here are the goslings swimming throught the ray of light...oh my!

Dinner time!


  1. Great hob with the display. I am surprised that the geese let you get so close to the gooslin. Our local geese chase us of.

  2. It looks really nice Christina! I hope you have lots of fun!!

  3. The booth looks great. I hope you have fun!

    Nubbin wiggles,