May 5, 2011

Out For A Walk On A Beautiful Spring Night In May

Nitro and I decided to take a walk down our country road last night to practice our loose leash walking since we are working so hard at perfecting it in class. Wow, what an amazing night! We left the farm as the sun was setting and it seems like all the Canadian Geese and neighborhood horses were out and about. I think we got some fun photos of our little walk down the road. Enjoy!

Since the fields are covered with butter cups and the sun was setting the fields glowed with a golden hue. Here are some of the adult Geese from last years batch. They are loud and proud! Nitro barked at them and they flew away!

This farm was owned by a sweet man named Harry Smith who passed away a few months ago. All of his horses have been sold and now all the butter cups and grass are growing out of control. I love this old tree next to his big red barn. I also love the way the sun is hitting the side of the barn as the sun goes down. Things just don't seem the same without seeing Harry out at his barn every evening feeding his heard of horses. We sure miss him.

 Here is one of the newest babies on the road. I think he is a yealing Quarter Horse. He is just adorable!

 He is checking out Nitro in this shot.

Nitro touched noses with this horse, gave him a couple of licks, and then he wanted to play with him. I think Nitro thinks this colt is just a really big dog. Okay, he isn't that bright on the social seen (if you know what I mean).

 This is a little Hackney pony up at the Richard's farm. So cute!

This is one of the horses a few houses down from Bluebird Farm at the Delano farm. Nitro is just relaxing checking out the view.

Look at that pretty little face. He is so cute with his bright blue eye.

I know he is thinking "if she would let me off this leash, I would go make friends and play with that big old dog over there in the pasture" I said socially inexperienced!

Here are the baby goslings. They are growing so fast. It looks as if she lost one. There were six baby goslings and now there is only five.

I love the reflection in this shot. I don't take many photos at this particular pond because I can't see it from the road very well. I have to sneak onto their property, go up a hill and cross over by about 20 feet and shoot the photos fast before thier dogs come tearing down the main drive.

Happy May!
Lexi, Nitro, Tallulah, Bailey and Christina


  1. A boxer that is socially inept? HA HA... no, not really? Aren't they all.


  2. wow - thanks for sharing. these are gorgeous photos!

  3. beautiful shots! and beautiful animals as well.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. I love it! You and Nitro can stop by and visit Delano farm any time!

  5. Just catching up. Somehow I missed this post. Sorry about your neighbor. The red barn is lovely, and so are your horse friends. Nitro doesn't seem intimidated by them at all. I guess he sees a lot of horses though. I'm guessing they'd be more than Zoe could handle. Nitro is handsome as always. The ring around his eye gives his so much character.