October 9, 2010

Where Ever I Leave My Bathrobe In The Morning Is Where You Will Find Tallulah

Lately in the mornings no matter where I leave my bathrobe I will find Tallulah all curled up inside of my purple robe. Sometimes I leave it on the bathroom floor or my closet floor and that is where I will find her. She actually seeks my bathrobe out in the morning while I am out doing horse chores. This morning I changed the linens on my bed and just picked up my bathrobe from the floor and set it on the bed and sure enough when I came back in from the barn there she was like curled up like a swadling baby. Here is the photo exactly how I found her this morning. I guess she loves the scent of her "mommy". She is my precious little girl who always gives me and her human "daddy" unconditional love.

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