October 21, 2010

Photo Of The Week for The Week Of 10-18-2010

(Double click on each photo to enlarge)

Since this is Mint Julep Spaid's birthday (the cute Pom in the photo), I decided to release my featured pet in next week's Photo of the Week just a few days early. I hope you don't mind. Lexi and I would like to wish Mint Julep a very happy and healthy Birthday. Don't you think her name Mint Julep just fits her perfectly? She is just a fluffy little muffin. The photo in the lower right corner is her human mommy Rebecca Spaid. Can you tell Julep is a little princess? These amazing photos were taken by Kevin Hurley Photography. Didn't Kevin do a wonderful job? It takes a special photographer to work with animals. If you are interested in contacting Kevin to shoot your dog (horse or other animals) here is his link: http://www.kevinhurleyphotography.com/

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