November 24, 2009

In Memory of our Sweet Dakota

Our sweet Dakota passed away two days after this photo was taken with my Mommy. Her Cancer had moved to her heart and they gave her a few days to live. She spent her last 5 days doing whatever she wanted which was mostly hanging out on the porch and eating lots of treats. She got to go on one walk but had a hard time near the end....her heart couldn't keep up. On Monday November 2 she went down hill fast and my Mommy and Daddy took her to Hanging Rock Animal Hospital. They have a special family room and all the girls at Hanging Rock got to say good by to Dakota (they all adored her). Afterwards my Mom and Dad brought her home and buried her next to Matisse. She will watch over Bluebird Farm until we are all together again at Rainbow Bridge. We love and miss you Dakota...things just aren't the same around here without you.

Dakota was 11 years old....
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