April 25, 2008

What took so long?

From what I've heard, EVERYONE has a blog, and has the bizarre thought that others will want to read what they write... Why do we all do this? Because it is FUN, and allows us to tell stories, share pictures, and most importantly dispel myths. For instance, if you have horses and dogs you may be under the illusion that you are in charge, yeah right....

Everyone around here understands that this is my world and my name is Lexi so welcome to LEXI'S WORLD (humans are here to serve me).

So, who gets to write for this blog? The humans are far too busy, and the horses are not allowed in the house besides their hooves don't work so well with the keyboard, so here you go... I guess I will have to do it myself from a dog's perspective...

I live with my humans (my Mommy and Daddy) on Bluebird Farm. We are a very happy family and my Mommy and Daddy work very hard to make sure all of my brothers and sisters are very very happy (that includes my horse brothers and sisters as well). Here is a photo of my half brother Montana. He is a five year old spotted pony that could be a distant relative of the pot belly pig family...as you can see the boy totally loves mud! I like to watch Montana although I don't get to close to him because his size intimidates me (although being a min pin, I will deny that I ever wrote that last line). Montana is the low man on the totem pole, but the sweetest horse you'll find anywhere. This is when he is at his happiest, covered in mud after yesterdays rain..

Below is a photo of my little sister Bailey. She is some sort of Shepherd mix. When my Mommy and Daddy brought her home I was none to happy about her trying to be the center of attention but she grew on me after awhile. She also has no concept of her body space and tends to run over who ever is in her way. Being a smaller dog, I always make sure to step to the side when I see her coming. Bailey is also very active, hyper and constantly wants to play with who ever will participate in her foolish games. I'm sorry but she couldn't be reached for comment this morning... good luck ever seeing her without her stuffed bear...she has a stuffed bear fettish. Don't ask....

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  1. Oh to have a dogs life...Lexi we all work just to keep you happy and healthy...not to mention the comfort level that would make a Royal jealous! You are my shwoopy!

    Dakota Girl